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Art Encyclopedia - Colour Wheel

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The colours of light can be arranged in a circle, called the colour wheel, as follows in a clockwise direction: red / orange / yellow / green / blue / purple / red .

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue and in pigment-mixing these colours cannot be made and must be obtained pure.

Secondary colours are made by mixing the primaries and they are:
1 - Orange made from a mixture of red and yellow.
2 - Green made from a mixture of blue and yellow.
3 - Violet (purple) made from a mixture of red and blue.

Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are called complementary colours; they are the colours furthest apart from each other on the colour wheel. Each primary has a complementary colour which is a secondary. This complementary is formed by a mixture of the other two primaries, for example, the complementary of red is green, green is a mixture of blue and yellow. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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