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Form is the physical manifestation of anything. In art it refers to the reality or illusion of reality in the work of art; the visible aspect of the body, an object, et cetera. It is a combination of the basic and characteristic shape of the body or an object etc. with the bulk and weight of the particular body or object as defined by light falling on it.

In art form is the presentation of various shapes, either recognisable or abstract, the visible result of an artist's conception of his subject, but not the subject matter itself.

Form also refers to the shape and structure of sculpture as distinguished from its material, or the external appearance of a sculpture, or the structural element, plan, or design of a sculpture. Form usually suggests reference to both internal structure and external outline, and often to the principle that gives unity to the whole.

We use the term form in connection with three-dimensional volumes, as opposed to shape, which refers to two-dimensional areas. Because form has depth, length and width, it is not visually static in the same way as shape.

Form - Open and Closed

Closed form is compact form as opposed to open noncompact form. Space invades open forms. In painting and in sculpture open form can describe a form whose contour is broken or in which parts of the form move outward, for example, the human figure with arms flung outwards is an open form. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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