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Arbeidstraat 108-110
B-9300 Aalst

Tel.: +32 53 71 06 46
Mobiel: +32 475 85 34 52


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Galerie In Situ opened in 1992 in Aalst (B). The name "In Situ" was chosen because it means 'built in relation to its surrounding, taking in a topological position'. The term has also frequently been used since the mid-eighties to describe works of art that are made specifically for or in a particular space or environment.

At first, Galerie In Situ did mostly shows with artists from Eastern Europe, followed by thematical exhibitions with a group of young international artists. Around 1992 the gallery started also with new media such as video, interactive work and sound-installations.

Since 1995 the gallery participates on a regular basis in international art fairs.

Focus is on cross-overs between media and disciplines: painting with links to science and new technology, installations with connections in street-culture, mass-media and entertainment. Mainly artists that are active with several media. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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