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1 Fullerton Square, #01-08
The Fullerton Hotel

Phone: 63390678
Email: [email protected]

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Established in Singapore in 1999, iPRECIATION is a fine art company that showcases the most exquisite contemporary Asian art that is visually stunning and distinctly unique. iPRECIATION Hong Kong was set up in June 2009, marking its incisive aesthetical presence in Asia’s foremost metropolis. Both Singapore and Hong Kong open countless avenues for artistic exposure, elucidation and education.

Our galleries are well-recognized platforms for promising artists, meticulously cultivating and introducing them and their works to the most discerning art enthusiasts. By mounting large-scale exhibitions and publishing outstanding art catalogues, iPRECIATION constantly propels the best of contemporary art to the forefront. As an ardent supporter of the arts, we have been a significant driving force in the development of the contemporary Asian art scene.

Having significant knowledge and experience in giving prominence to contemporary Chinese and South East Asian art, iPRECIATION is a provider of professional art consultancy services to both individual and corporate entities.

Managing Director of iPRECIATION, Helina Chan, was awarded the coveted New Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Singapore Tourism Board, acknowledging the entrepreneur whose company has made major contributions to the tourism industry in Singapore. Entrepreneurship, future visions and product innovation are some constituents of this award’s selection criteria.

Artists Represented
1. Ju Ming (b.1938) 2. Wucius Wong (b.1936) 3. Gao Xingjian (b.1940) 4. Hung Liu (b. 1948) 5. Irene Chou (b.1924) 6. Jin Jie (b.1965) 7. Zhang Jian-Jun (b.1955) 8. Szeto Lap (b.1949) 9. Dodo Jin Ming (b.1955) 10. Ye Jian Qing (b. 1972) 11. Budi Ubrux (b.1968) 12. Wong Wai Yin (b. 1981) 13. Tse Yim On (b.1974) 14. SHIMIZU TOMOHIRO (b.1977) 15. TOMITA NATSUMI (b.1986) 16. YUASA KANAKO (b.1987) | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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