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Atelje Galerija - Slovenian Art Gallery

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Atelje Galerija
Gallusovo nabrežje 29
1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +38614213450
Email: [email protected]

Atelje Galerija art gallery in Slovenia

Concept of Atelje Galerija
Atelje Galerija was created in 1998. It is premises in a picturesque building on Gallusovo nabrežje in Ljubljana, in which two fields were initially presented: architecture or design and fine art – painting, sculpture and photography. The aspiration of the architect, with experience as a creator and spatial designer, was to supplement and enrich this not just with well-designed functional objects but also with suitably placed art products.

In the past ten years, a number of exhibitions or installations of art and design works have taken place, including within the context of major cultural events in the capital. In 2008, the studio for architecture split off and Atelje Galerija has become a sales gallery, which is striving to establish itself in the market of contemporary visual art and unique design and to disseminate such art and design, and to inter-gallery cooperation and linkage in the Slovene and international environment.

Atelje Galerija helps create the cultural pulse in the attractive, historical part of the city core of Ljubljana and links contemporary artists and designers in various fields of creativity. Its work comprises a mosaic of the current creative scene of authors of visual art – painters, sculptors, photographers and designers in metal, glass, leather, textiles and other natural and artificial materials.

Atelje Galerija is also a virtual gallery, dedicated to presenting authors and informing the interested public and, at the same time, its mission is also to help young original creators get established.

Artists Represented
Igor Bravničar, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Silvije Arc Popovič, Leon Zakrajšek, John D. Antone, Vilma Kobilšek, Tanja Pak, Primož Pugelj, Kristina Rutar, Lado Jakša, Matjaž Krivic, Marko Modic, Janez Vlachy. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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