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Historical Artist - Jose Claudio Antolinez (1635 - 1675)

Jose Atonlinez spent most of his painting career working in his hometown of Madrid, Spain. He commonly painted depictions of the Immaculate Conception, done in a colorful and gentle style. Contrastly, Antonlinez himself was known for having a bad temper and a big ego. In addition to religious paintings, he also produced several portraits and genre scenes. He died from a fever in 1675 after suffering from several wounds incurred during a fencing match.

Antolinez's early training as a landscape artist may have been under Iriarte. Later, when he moved to the court in Madrid, he entered the studio of Francisco Rizi.

His haughty character and sarcastic personality gained him many enemies among his contemporarie". Some note he played maddening jokes on his colleagues Claudio Coello and Cabezalero as well as Itizi, whom he called painter of wall ornaments, in allusion to the latter's decoration of the hall of comedies in the Palace of Buen Retiro; but also impelled likely by his jealousy at lacking the same skill. Antolinez also painted religious paintings.


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