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Historical Artist - Hans Arp (1886 - 1996)

Hans (Jean) Arp was born in Strasbourg before traveling to Paris in 1912, where he met the Delaunays. Then in Munich, he met Kandinsky, leading to his involvement in the second Der Blaue Reiter exhibition. Arp moved to Zurich in 1915 and co-founded the Dada movement and met future wife and collaborator, Sophie Taeuber. While there, he worked on collages, and woodcuts. From 1919 to 1920, Arp lived in Cologne and continued to develop Dadaism with his friend Max Ernst. Finally settling in Paris, Arp became involved in the Surrealist movement. He joined the Cercle et Carre group in 1930 and helped to found the Abstraction-Creation group a year later. During World War II, Arp fled to Switzerland, returning to Meudon, outside of Paris after the war. He won the International Sculpture Prize at the Venice Biennale in 1954 and created a relied for the Unesco building in Paris in 1958. Throughout the 1930s and until the end of his life, he wrote and published essays and poetry. In 1942, he fled from his home in Meudon to escape German occupation and lived in Zürich until the war ended.

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