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Historical Artist - Francesco Bacchiacca (1494 - 1557)

After studying under Perugino, Bacchiacca developed a distinct style that borrowed from many influences but retained a sense of clarity and order. His work was a conglomeration of his admiration for artists such as Albrecht Durer, Marcantonio Raimondi, and Jacopo Pontormo. In 1523, Bacchiacca worked with the latter on painted bedroom decorations, a collaboration that led to his adoption of a more Mannerist style. However, by the early 1540’s, he returned to painting in a classical style inspired by Michelangelo’s models. Bacchiacca later designed tapestries. All of these works either contain carefully observed illustrations of nature or display the artist's trademark method and style, in which Bachiacca combines figures, exotic costumes and other motifs acquired from Italian artists and German and Netherlandish prints into entirely new compositions. These cosmopolitan assemblages exhibited the most praiseworthy elements of both northern and southern European Renaissance art, which appealed to their courtly clientele.

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