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Historical Artist - Ludolf Bakhuizen (1631 - 1708)

Ludolf Bakhuizen painted mostly marine subjects, becoming the most famous painter of his genre in Holland in 1672. This shift in his career occurred when the leading marine painters, the van de Veldes, moved to England. Although Bakhuizen’s work was successful in depicting the movement of the ships, it never had the same expression as the van de Veldes’ paintings. Working in Amsterdam, he produced work for many notable clients from Holland and other countries.

Bakhuysen started his career as a bookkeeper. He had a very nice handwriting and loved arithmetic. Working for a wealthy merchant at Amsterdam, he discovered so strong a genius for painting that he relinquished the business and devoted himself to art. He studied first under Allart van Everdingen and then under Hendrik Dubbels, two eminent masters of the time, and soon became celebrated for his sea-pieces.

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