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Historical Artist - David Bailly (1584 - 1657)

David Bailly apprenticed to a painter in Leiden and then a portraitist in Amsterdam. He worked as a journeyman in Hamburg and then traveled to Venice and Rome in 1609. Upon his return to the Netherlands in 1613, Bailly began painting still-life subjects and portraits. Many of the latter were small drawings of his contemporaries at the University of Leiden. He also created a number of self-portraits. Bailly was also an accomplished draughtsman who not only used his drawings as preparations for engravings but also sometimes displayed them as works of art.

He was the son of a Flemish immigrant, calligrapher and fencing master, Peter Bailly. As a draftsman, David was pupil of his father and the copper engraver Jacques de Gheyn. He is known for making a number of vanities paintings depicting transience of this life, with such ephemeral symbols as flowers and candles.

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