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Historical Artist - Federico Barocci (1535 - 1612)

Taught by Battista Franco, Frederico Barocci developed his style further upon encountering Correggio’s work with sfumato around 1563. He soon mastered this technique and became known for his superior painting ability after incorporating his new skill into decorations for the Casino of Pope Pius IV. After completing many commissions, Barocci returned to Urbino in 1565 and worked only two hours a day, citing that poison was the cause of his illness and pain. His later work developed new and effective compositions that influenced later painters such as the Carracci brothers.

His original name was Federico Fiori, and he was nicknamed Il Baroccio, which still in northwestern Italian dialects means a two wheel cart drawn by oxen. His work fills an oft-overlooked period of art; while in his day his work was highly esteemed and influential. The artist biographer Giovanni Bellori, the Baroque equivalent of Giorgio Vasari, considered Barrocci among the finest painters of his time. Barocci's emotive brushwork was not lost on Peter Paul Rubens when he was in Italy.

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