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Historical Artist - Francesco Bartolozzi (1727 - 1815)

Born in Italy, Francesco Bartolozzi moved to England in 1764 and worked as the official engraver to King George III. He co-founded the Royal Academy in 1768. Bartolozzi engraved the paintings of many of the foremost artists of the time and also created prints after the Old Masters. Bartolozzi ran a prolific workshop that employed many students and assistants. In 1802, he was appointed as director of the Academy at Lisbon. Bartolozzi achieved a technological breakthrough by inventing a new stipple technique of colored engraving, in which he successfully reproduced the famous colored portrait drawings of Holbein from the Royal collection in 1793. He was elected a founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768, and in 1802 became the founding President of the short-lived.

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