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Evaristo Baschenis- Italian Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Evaristo Baschenis (1617 - 1677)

Evaristo Baschenis was an ordained priest, but painted mostly pictures of musical instruments. Esteemed as one of Italy’s finest still-life painters, the best collection of Baschenis’s work is held at the Accademia Carrara. He was born to a family of artists. He is best known for still lifes, most commonly of musical instruments.One source for his photographic style of still life could be Caravaggio's early painting of peaches, or alternatively, Dutch paintings. The most faithful imitator of his style is a younger contemporary Bergamese, Bartolomeo Bettera. Baschenis is a contemporary of the Bergamese portrait artist, Carlo Ceresa, and appears to have been influential for the Modenese artist Cristoforo Munari.

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