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Historical Artist - Jacopo Bassano (1510 - 1592)

Jacopo Bassano initially studied under his father in the town of Bassano. He later studied in Venice where he was taught by various unknown teachers and copied the works of Titian. Bassano also executed many engravers in the style of Durer, Raphael, and Parmigianino. Bassano excelled in realist scenes of farm life and nature. He also used religious and philosophical subjects when painting genre scenes and landscapes. Bassano began a workshop, which his four sons continued after his death. They shared his style, and some works are difficult to attribute precisely. While he learnt from other artists of the time, his relationships with them varied, notably when he portrayed Titian as a moneychanger in Purification of the Temple. Other particularly notable works include Jacob’s Return to Canaan, Dives and Lazarus, Acteon and the Nymphs, The Last Supper and Annunciation to the Shepherds. He died in Bassano.

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