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Historical Artist - Lazzaro Bastiani (1449 - 1512)

Lazzaro Batiani probably received his training in Padua before working in a Venice workshop in 1449. His initial works show an interest in classical and sculptural forms, much in the style of Andrea Mantegna. While in Venice, Bastiani collaborated with the Bellini family. He is thought to have worked on three triptychs for a Venetian church with Giovanni Bellini. Later, Bastiani worked with Gentile Bellini for the Scuola Grande di San Marco. He painted a Coronation of the Virgin (Accademia); a Nativity (1477); and a St. Anthony on the Nut Tree. In 1508 he was called upon, with his pupil Vittore Carpaccio, to estimate paintings of Giorgione for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

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