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Marie-Guillemine Benoist - French Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768 - 1826)

Daughter of a government official, Marie-Guillemine Benoist was taught by Vigee-Lebrun beginning in 1791. He convinced her to execute her portraits in pastels. However after studying under Jacques-Louis David, she began to use oils to depict her sitters and landscapes. After an exhibition at the Salon, Benoist’s reputation increased and she received an annual government grant and commissions from Napoleon. Later in her career, she began to paint domestic scenes that were also highly regarded.

Her career was harmed by political developments, however, when her husband, the convinced royalist count Benoist, was nominated in the Conseil d'État during the post-1814 monarchy come-back called the Bourbon Restoration. Despite being at the height of her popularity, she has to abandon her career, both painting and exposing, due to her devoir de réserve and the strongly enforced conservatism of the reactionary regime.

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