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Bartolomé Bermejo - Spanish Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Bartolomé Bermejo (1405 - 1498)

Bartolome Bermejo was born in Cordova, Spain but first worked in Aragon in northern Spain. His name at birth was Bartolome de Cardenas, but was nicknamed Bermejo because of his red hair or complexion. He began working in Barcelona in 1486, finishing one of his greatest accomplishments, Pieta in the Barcelona Cathedral, in 1490. Bermejo was one of the first Spanish painters to work in the Netherlandish oil painting technique. Bermejo travelled extensively throughout Spain, completing a variety of commissions for his Spanish and foreign patrons (including the Triptych of the Virgin of Montserrat, the centre panel of which is by Bermejo). It is often maintained that Bermejo must have travelled to the Southern Netherlands (present-day Belgium) to receive such a mastery of oil painting techniques, but this is not necessarily so as there was a strong presence of both Dutch painters and paintings in Spain during the fifteenth century.

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