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Historical Artist - Renato Birolli (1905 - 1959)

Renato Birolli began painting in an Expressionist manner, influenced by Van Gogh and Ensor. After visiting Paris in 1936, he became interested in the work of the Fauves. In 1938, Birolli co-founded the Fascist Corrente organization and had articles published in multiple journals. These political activities led to his harassment and eventually imprisonment. He began working with abstraction after World War II and joined the Art Informel movement. In 1947, Birolli joined the Fronte Nuovo delle Arti. After 1948, his work was shown multiple times at the Venice Biennale. After World War II, in 1947, Birolli moved to Paris. Here his painting style changed swiftly under the influences of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, moving first to a post-Cubist position and then to a somehow abstract form of lyrism. He died suddenly at Milan in 1959.

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