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Historical Artist - Abraham Bloemaert (1620 - 1683)

Abraham Bloemaert worked under many masters, absorbing the Mannerist style. He lived mostly in Utrecht, where he established a solid reputation. Bloemaert’s work was centered on landscapes that used a varied palette, strong contrast, movement, and detail. After his pupil, Gerrit van Honthorst, returned from Italy with the ideas of Caravaggio, Bloemaert added his influence to the lighting in his paintings. He also began using mythological and religious subjects that had never been seen in Dutch art. Bloemaert helped to found Utrecht’s Guild of St. Luke in 1611. He was one of the "Haarlem Mannerists" from about 1585, but in the new century altered his style to fit new Baroque trends. He excelled more as a colourist than as a draughtsman, was extremely productive, and painted and etched historical and allegorical pictures, landscapes, still-life, animal pictures and flower pieces.

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