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Edmé Bouchardon - French Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Edmé Bouchardon (1698 - 1762)

During a time when Rococo was popular in France, Edme Bouchardon’s talent was overlooked because of his unfashionable preference for a more classical style. He produced very few commissions for King Louis VX, most not even progressing past the model stage. Bouchardon won the Prix de Rome and the opportunity to study ancient sculpture in Rome from 1723 to 1732. He was given an apartment in the Louvre in 1732, but spent the ensuing decade with little employment offers. Upon the re-opening of the Paris Salon in 1737, Bouchardon exhibited his models and red chalk drawings. His drawings often depicted Parisian street scenes and were distributed as engravings. He was granted membership to the Academie Royale in 1745 and became a professor not long after. Bouchardon’s most significant remaining work is the fountain at the rue de Grenelle in Paris.

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