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Historical Artist - Esaias Boursse (1631 - 1672)

Esaias Boursse was born in Amsterdam and spent most of his career there. In 1661, he joined the Dutch East India Company and made two trips to the Indies, dying on the second. His paintings are compared to the work of Jan Vermeer. The life of Esaias Boursse is the story of a painter who could not earn a living by painting alone and therefore had to look for an alternative source of income. Boursse seems to have remained unmarried and childless. Boursse's work mainly deals with family life. Women spinning or sewing and families around a fireplace are examples of what to expect. Stylistically, his work is reminiscent of Pieter de Hooch, Quiringh van Brekelenkam and Cornelis de Man. About 28 paintings remain of his work, mostly in private collections.

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