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Historical Artist - Leonaert Bramer (1596 - 1674)

Leonaert Bramer was born in Delft. He traveled extensively throughout Italy and France. He is known for his small nocturnal scenes and as one of the few Dutch artists to paint frescoes. best known for probably being one of the teachers of Johannes Vermeer, although there is no similarity between their work. Bramer's dark and exotic style is unlike Vermeer's style. Bramer was primarily a genre and history painter, but also made some unique frescos, not very often found north of the Alps.Leonaert Bramer is one of the most intriguing personalities in seventeenth-century Dutch art.He was a talented and diligent draughtsman, evidently Catholic and a life long bachelor. Bramer remained very productive until his death in 1674. His style is nervous, but his technique, painting the reflection of light, is very good.

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