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Historical Artist - Frank Brangwyn (1867 - 1956)

Sir Frank Brangwyn was born in Bruges. He began his training as an apprentice to William Morris in 1882. He spread his talents over a variety of outlets including painting, printmaking, drawing, and design. Brangwyn was also a revered mural artist. The greatest of these works was an eighteen panel series on the history of the British Empire. These paintings were commissioned by the House of Lords, who eventually rejected them at their completion in 1930. Although he was a very well known artist during his time, his reputation floundered after his death in 1956. Brangwyn was an artistic jack-of-all-trades. As well as paintings and drawings, he produced designs for stained glass, furniture, ceramics, table glassware, buildings and interiors, was a lithographer and woodcutter and was an illustrator of books. In 1936 Brangwyn presented Bruges with over 400 works, now in the Arents House Museum. In return Bruges created Brangwyn a Grand Officer of the Order of Leopold II, and made him Citoyen d'Honneur de Bruges (only the third time the award had been given).

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