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Historical Artist - Georges Braque (1882 - 1963)

Georges Braque was the son of a French house painter, who had hoped for his son to continue in the family trade. Instead, Braque chose an art career but always maintained a deep appreciation and respect for craftsmanship. He first associated with the members of the Fauvist movement, but later identified more with the paintings of Cézanne and Picasso. From 1911-1912, Braque and Picasso worked in adjacent studios developing Cubism. Braque served in World War I, and was seriously injured in 1916. Eventually, Picasso and Braque went separate ways. Picasso abandoned Cubism to revert to an earlier Classical style, while Braque devoted the rest of his career to the exploration of their movement. Although he continued this development, he expanded into other medias at the end of his life such as design, stained-glass windows, illustrations, and a ceiling for the Etruscan Gallery in the Louvre. His earliest works were impressionistic, but, after seeing the work exhibited by the Fauves in 1905, Braque adopted a Fauvist style.

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