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Historical Artist - Adriaen Brouwer (1605 - 1638)

Adriaen Brouwer moved to Haarlem in 1625 and began studying under Frans Hals. In 1631, he moved to Antwerp and remained there for the rest of his short life. It is thought that he perished in the plague that struck the city in 1638. Brouwer was known for his genre scenes of Dutch and Flemish peasant life. He also painted landscapes that were among the best of the 17th century. Tradition has it that Brouwer himself spent much time in the alehouses of Flanders and Holland. His works are typically detailed and small, and often adopt themes of debauchery, drunkenness and foolishness in order to explore human emotions, expressions and responses to pain, fear and the senses. Both Rubens and Rembrandt owned a number of his works. Nevertheless, Brouwer appeared in financial trouble throughout his life.

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