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Historical Artist - Bernard Buffet (1928 - 1999)

Bernard Buffet was an acclaimed artist by the age of twenty on account of his distinctive style and apparent talent. He worked as a painter, etcher, lithographer, designer, and sculptor and produced religious pieces, landscapes, portraits and still-lifes. Buffet’s work had a consistent somber mood that seemed to represent the atmosphere of the post-war period. His success skyrocketed in the 1950’s, and he then received an overflow of commissions. Consequently, his work took on a more decorative approach and lost the impact that made him famous in the first place. Buffet committed suicide in 1999. Buffet created more than 8.000 paintings and many prints as well. He committed suicide at his home in Tourtour, Southern France, on October 4, 1999. Buffet was suffering from Parkinson's disease and was no longer able to work. Police said that Buffet died around 4 p.m after putting his head in a plastic bag attached around his neck with tape.

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