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Historical Artist - Edward Burne-Jones (1833 - 1898)

After studying at Oxford with intentions of entering the seminary, Sir Edward Burne-Jones met William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti who encouraged him to begin painting instead. He was also an acquaintance of John Ruskin, who showed him the Pre-Raphaelite’s work and was Burne-Jones’s companion on a trip to Italy in 1862. As a result of his travels, he began painting his mythological and medieval subjects in the style of Renaissance painters such as Botticelli and Mantegna. Burne-Jones also designed tapestries and illustrated books. Burne-Jones was closely involved in the rejuvenation of the tradition of stained glass art in England; his stained glass works include the windows of Birmingham Cathedral, St Martin's Church in Brampton, Cumbria, the church designed by Philip Webb, All Saints, Jesus Lane, Cambridge and in Christ Church College, Oxford. In addition to painting and stained glass, Burne-Jones worked in a variety of crafts; including designing ceramic tiles, jewellery, tapestries, and illustration, most famously designing woodcuts for the Kelmscott Press's Chaucer in 1896. Burne-Jones exerted a considerable influence on British painting. Burne-Jones was also highly influential among French symbolist painters, from 1889.[28] His work inspired poetry by Swinburne — Swinburne's 1886 Poems & Ballads is dedicated to Burne-Jones.

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