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Historical Artist - Alberto Burri (1915 - 1995)

Alberto Burri served as a doctor in the Italian army in North Africa and was captured in 1943. While incarcerated as a prisoner of war in Texas, he began painting. After his release, he moved back to Rome and devoted his career to art. In 1948, his work became abstract and a year later, he was working in collage. Although he had a shy demeanor and lived fairly reclusively, Burri gained an international reputation. He was the predecessor of the Junk Art movement in the United States and the Arte Povera movement in Italy. Burri soon turned to abstraction and unorthodox materials, making collages with pumice, tar, and burlap, and started a series of canvases that bulged into the 3rd dimension. Burri was awarded the Italian Order of Merit in 1994.

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