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Historical Artist - Edward Calvert (1799 - 1883)

Edward Calvert served in the British navy for five years before moving to London in 1824 to study art at the Royal Academy. He met William Blake and joined the group of his followers who called themselves The Ancients. Calvert produced quality work for about ten years, but then slowed down and became a recluse. His late work depicted scenes of Greece, one of Calvert’s favorite places. His early visionary work was greatly inspired by William Blake, and he become a member of the Blake-influenced group known as The Ancients which met at Samuel Palmer's in Shoreham, Kent in the later 1820s and early 1830s. Amongst Calvert's finest works are exquisite miniature wood engravings which date from this early period. He also made etchings. In 1844 he visited Greece.

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