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Historical Artist - Domenico Campagnola (1500 - 1564)

Domenico Campagnola showed artistic talent at an early age and was probably encouraged and taught by his adopted father. When his Campagnola the elder died in 1516, his son became the leading printmaker in Venice. He cut the woodblocks for himself rather than employing a woodcutter. His early work shows the influence of Albrecht Durer and Titian. Campagnola moved to Padua around 1520 and began painting frescoes and easel paintings for churches and palaces. In addition, he produced finished and detailed drawings. Despite his work in other mediums, Campagnola was best known for his woodcuts. Most of his paintings have been destroyed. Fresco paintings are to be seen in the Scuola del Santo at Padua and in Venice, marked by fresh animated colour and easy brilliant technique. A fine panel picture by him representing Adam and Eve is in the Pitti Palace, Florence.

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