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Historical Artist - Giulio Campi (1508 - 1573)

Giulio Campi learned to paint from his father, and subsequently established a long family tradition including his younger brother and his two sons. The Campi family dominated the painting field in their native city of Cremona during the late 1500’s. In 1539, Campi created some of his best work while painting in the church of San Sigismondo. His frescoes and altarpieces show the influence of Giulio Romano’s classicism and Parmigiano’s elegance. His numerous paintings are grandly and reverently conceived, freely drawn, vigorously coloured, lofty in style, and broadly handled. He was animated in all his work by a deep piety. Numerous of his fresco works are housed in churches of Cremona, Mantua, Milan and in the church of Saint Margaret's, in his native town. Among his chief works are the Descent from the Cross (S. Sigismondo) at Cremona, and the frescoes in the dome of S. Girolamo at Mantua. An altar-piece in S. Sigismondo and his Labours of Hercules were engraved by the celebrated Ghiso, il Mantovano. He died in Cremona in 1572.

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