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Historical Artist - Alonzo Cano (1601 - 1667)

Alonso Cano was born in Granada but worked in a variety of cities across Spain, including Seville, Madrid, Valencia, and Malaga. He worked as a sculptor, architect, painter, and draughtsman. He was in Seville from 1614 to 1638 studying under painter, Pacheco and sculptor, Montanes. He then moved to Madrid and became the painter to Count-Duke Olivares and restored paintings for Philip IV. Cano also had a history of breaking the law. He was imprisoned for debt, wounded in a fight with a colleague, and accused of murdering his wife. Cano became a priest in 1658 in order to continue working at the cathedral in Granada. He was notorious for his ungovernable temper; and it is said that once he risked his life by committing the then capital offence of dashing to pieces the statue of a saint, when in a rage with the purchaser who begrudged the price he demanded. According to another story, his passionate nature also caused him to be suspected of the murder of his wife, and even tortured, though all other circumstances pointed to his servant as the culprit. After the death of his wife he took Holy Orders.

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