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Domenico Maria Canuti - Italian Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Domenico Maria Canuti (1625 - 1684)

Domenico Maria Canuti first trained in Bologna with Guido Reni and then Guernico. It was under the latter where he learned his classical Baroque style. After 1650, he worked in Rom and studied the work of Annibale Carracci. In 1660, Canuti returned to Bologna and painted frescoes in a major palazzo for the decade. In 1672, he retuned to Rome and completed his first commission there, a religious apotheosis. Returning once again to Bologna, Canuti established a successful studio that employed Guiseppe Maria Crespi. Canuti was also active as an engraver. Among his works are portraits of Ludovico, Agostino, and Annibale Carracci, The Virgin in the Clouds with Christ, and St. Francis Praying after Guido Reni. Canuti died at Bologna.

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