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Historical Artist - Antoine Caron (1521 - 1599)

As a teenager, Antoine Caron began painting religious subjects and designing cartoons for stained glass windows. Not long after, he began painting alongside Italian artists at the chateau of Fontainebleau for the king of France. His drawings were admired and replicated by his contemporaries. He was commissioned to create a series of paintings that venerated the widowhood of Queen Catherine de’ Medici. Caron also created decorations for many court festivals and ceremonies. He is one of the few French painters of his time who had a pronounced artistic personality. His work reflects the refined, although highly unstable, atmosphere at the court of the House of Valois during the French Wars of Religion of 1560 to 1598. Not many of Caron’s works survive, but they include historical and allegorical subjects, court ceremonies, astrological scenes, and his massacres, done in the mid 1560s. Caron used bright colors and incorporated unusual architectural forms.[2] He often placed his human figures almost insignificantly on grand stages.

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