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Historical Artist - Carlo Carrà (1881 - 1966)

Although he mainly self-taught, Carlo Carra was one of the founders of the Futurist movement, signing the Futurist Manifesto in 1910. He was injured while serving in the Italian army in World War I, and met Giorgio de Chirico while recovering in a military hospital. Together, developed a distinct style that was a precursor to Surrealism. In 1921, under the influence of Morandi, Carra assumed a more Realist approach to painting. In addition to his many paintings, he wrote a number of books concerning art. He was long a teacher in the city of Milan. He is best known for his 1911 futurist work, The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli. Carrà was indeed an anarchist as a young man but, along with many other Futurists, later held more reactionary political views, becoming ultra-nationalist and irredentist before and during the war, as well as by Fascism after 1918.

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