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Historical Artist - Carlo Cignani (1628 - 1719)

Born in Bologna, Carlo Cignani studied under Francesco Albani. Domenichino and Guido Reni also influenced him. He mostly produced religious, decorative works and developed an international reputation for his paintings. In 1709, he was appointer director for life of Bologna’s newly founded Accademia Clementina. He was, however, also strongly influenced by the genius of Correggio. For instance, his masterpiece, the Assumption of the Virgin, around the cupola of the church of the Madonna del Fuoco at Forlì, is inspired by the Correggio's frescoes in the cupola of the Cathedral of Parma. These frescoes occupied Cignani for some twenty years.

He had some of the defects of his masters: his elaborate finish and his audacious artificiality in the use of color and in composition mark Albani's influence. Despite that, he imparted to his work more of an intellectual character than his mentors. As a man Cignani was eminently amiable, unassuming and generous.

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