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Historical Artist - Giovanni Cimabue (1240 - 1302)

Born in Florence as Genni di Pepo, Cimabue learned to paint by studying Byzantine art. However, he eventually developed his own style that set him apart from artists of his generation and inspired those of later years, earning him praise as the “Father of Italian Painting.” Some of his works include to frescoes in the church of St. Francis of Assisi and several paintings of the Madonna. Cimabue is generally regarded as the last great Italian painter working in the Byzantine tradition. The art of this period comprised scenes and forms that appeared relatively flat and highly stylized. Cimabue was a pioneer in the move towards naturalism, as his figures were depicted with rather more life-like proportions and shading. History has long regarded Cimabue as the last of an era that was overshadowed by the Italian Renaissance.

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