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Historical Artist - Juan Conchillos (1641 - 1711)

Juan Conchillos first trained under a painter of battle subjects in his hometown of Valencia. He later moved to Madrid and worked on commissions under another Spanish painter. While copying paintings from the royal collection, he developed an interest in the Baroque style. In the 1690’s Conchillos returned to Valencia and began an academy in his home that taught his son among many other pupils. Although he was a successful painter, he was best known for his drawings, often of male nudes. He also created observant and detailed watercolors of city and landscapes in Valencia. Two of his most important works were those executed for the church of San Salvador in Valencia; others are the "Immaculate Conception", painted for the Franciscans in the same city, the frescoes in the church of San Juan, and the two altar-pieces of the Cistercian monastery of Valdigna. The close of his life was full of sadness. He was suddenly struck with palsy and became a confirmed cripple. Soon after that he lost his sight and died completely blind.

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