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Historical Artist - Samuel Cooper (1609 - 1672)

After learning the technique of miniature painting from his uncle, John Hoskins, Samuel Cooper became the most renowned painter of his genre. Cooper was also known to be a skilled musician and writer. He was commissioned by the Commonwealth and produced portraits of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles II. Cooper also painted on ivory and parchment, designed coins, and was a talented draughtsman. This artist is regarded by many as the greatest painter of portrait miniatures who ever lived. He is believed to have been born in London, and was a nephew of John Hoskins, the miniature painter, by whom he was educated. Excellent examples of his work are to be found at Windsor Castle, Belvoir Castle, Montague House, Welbeck Abbey, Ham House, the Rijks Museum at Amsterdam and in the collection of Mr J Pierpont Morgan. His largest miniature is in the possession of the duke of Richmond and Gordon at Goodwood. A piece of the artists handwriting is to be seen at the back of one of his miniatures in the Welbeck Abbey collection, and one of his drawings in black chalk is in the University Gallery at Oxford. His own portrait of himself is in the collection of Mr J Pierpont Morgan.

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