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Historical Artist - Lorenzo Costa (1460 - 1535)

Lorenzo Costa was influenced early on by the painters, Cosimo Tura and Ercole de’Roberti and may have studied with either of them. He settled in Bologna in 1483 and painted frescoes for local chapels and canvas pieces. Costa created the altarpiece for Bologna’s San Petronio church in 1492 titled Madonna and Child with Saints. He then received several commissions from the Gonzaga family before moving to Mantua in 1507 to succeed Andrea Mantegna as their court painter. Costa lived there until his death in 1535. In 1483 he painted his famous Madonna and Child with the Bentivoglio family, and other frescoes, on the walls of the Bentivoglio chapel in San Giacomo Maggiore, and he followed this with many other works. He was a great friend of Francesco Francia, who was much influenced by him. In 1509 he went to Mantua, where his patron was the Marquis Francesco Gonzaga, and he eventually died there. His Madonna and Child enthroned is in the National Gallery, London, but his chief works are at Bologna.

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