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Historical Artist - Walter Crane (1845 - 1915)

Walter Crane worked in a variety mediums throughout his career including illustration, design, and writing but is best known for his work as an illustrator of children’s books. In addition, he was a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts movement and an advocate of art education. He taught in Manchester and Reading during the 1890’s and became principal of the Royal College of Art in 1898. He, along with Randolph Caldecott and Kate Greenaway, are considered the strongest contributors to the child's nursery motif that the genre of English children's illustrated literature would exhibit in its developmental stages in the latter 19th century. His work featured some of the more colorful and detailed beginnings of the child-in-the-garden motifs that would characterize many nursery rhymes and children's stories for decades to come. Born in Liverpool, he was part of the Arts and Crafts movement. He produced paintings, illustrations, children's books, ceramic tiles and other decorative arts. Although not himself an anarchist, Crane contributed to several libertarian publishers, including Liberty Press and Freedom Press. Following the Haymarket bombing, Crane made multiple trips to America where he spoke in defense of the eight anarchists accused of murder.

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