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Influence of Cézanne on Cubism
The influence Cezanne exerted upon Picasso during 1908 is different from that which
directed Picasso in Les Demoiselles. Important at this time was Cezanne's analysis of form
and space more

Development of Cubism 1909
The problem of early 1909 has been described as the attempt to fuse the two sources,
Cezanne and African sculpture, which are in some ways diametrically opposed. Cezanne
relied on a specific motif, while African sculpture was not concerned with visual
appearances more

Development of Cubism 1910
During the year 1910 the analysis of form was taken further. In the painting of figure and
objects the planes begin to open up into each other more

Development of Cubism 1911
This is the time when Picasso and Braque's work was most similar. Since they did not sign
their work, it is difficult to differentiate. They spent the summer together at Ceret.
Picasso and Braque were joined by Gris more

Analytical and Synthetic Cubism
The change that occurred in Cubist painting in 1912 makes it necessary to distinguish
between two phases. The terms analytic and synthetic are generally used to describe these
stages. Neither word by itself, however, provides an adequate or accurate description more | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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