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Historical Artist - Bernardo Daddi (1280 - 1348)

Bernardo Daddi was the leading Florentine painter during the early fourteenth century. Perhaps taught by Giotto di Bonadone and later influenced by Sienese art, Daddi’s art helped to instigate the Renaissance, although he wasn’t credited with that achievement until modern times. Daddi ran a large workshop that created small, religious paintings. He was also influenced by the Sienese art of Lorenzetti. He is first mentioned in 1312. He focused on religious motifs and altarpieces. A triptych he painted in 1328 is in the Uffizi, and there are several panels in National Gallery of Art and the Walters Art Gallery. Daddi became the leading painter of Florence during his generation. His last work dates from 1347, and it is believed he died the next year.

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