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Historical Artist - Henri-Pierre Danloux (1753 - 1809)

Henri-Pierre Danloux was raised by his uncle who was an architect. He then studied under a genre painter and a history painter around 1770. Five years later, he accompanied one of his teachers on a trip to Rome and throughout Italy, where he became interested in painting the Roman countryside. Danloux settled in Lyon in 1738 and began working as a portraitist in the style of Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. In 1785, he moved to Paris and began painting aristocracy and paid attention to detail in fabrics and accessories. Danloux returned to Paris in 1789 and painted portraits of the royal family until he was forced to flee to London by the French Revolution. In England, he continued portrait painting and was influenced by George Romney and other popular portraits of the time. He was particularly known for his family groups and portraits of children. Danloux began painting history subjects and then returned to Paris in 1801. He spent his last eight years there trying unsuccessfully to establish himself as historical painter.

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