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Charles-Fran�ois Daubigny - French Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Charles-Fran�ois Daubigny (1817 - 1878)

Born into a family of artists, French painter Charles-Francois Daubigny was taught by his father Edme-Francois. He also learned his technique by copying the 17th Dutch paintings that he encountered at the Louvre. Considered a member of the Barbizon School, Daubigny was one of the first plein-air painters in France. However, he never resided in Barbizon and preferred to paint rivers rather than forest scenes. His mastery of light and reflection make him a forerunner of Impressionism, a movement that he supported as a jury member for the 1868 Salon. He later helped to expand the movement by introducing Monet and Pissarro to art dealer, Durand-Ruel. Initially Daubigny painted in a traditional style, but this changed after 1843 when he settled in Barbizon to work outside in nature.

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