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Historical Artist - John Deare (1784 - 1849)

John Deare began his career as apprentice to John Raphael Smith, an engraver and painter. He then studied at the Royal Academy. He preferred to paint in oils but was more successful with his watercolors. He mostly painted English landscape, seeing as his only trip out of the country was a brief visit to Normandy in 1828. De Wint was also a popular and respected teacher. A number of his pictures are in the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Collection, Lincoln. Deare was himself admired by his contemporaries, particularly by Joseph Nollekens. However, his only surviving early works are those he produced to be made in ceramic by Derby for clocks by Benjamin Vulliamy. By his death in Rome in 1796 (after sleeping on a block of marble hoping for inspiration and catching a chill) Deare had married an Italian woman, who he left with their children as a widow and for whose benefit Deare's friends such as Vincenzo Pacetti and Christopher Hewetson posthumously disposed of his studio contents. Three days after his death he was buried in Rome's Protestant Cemetery.

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