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Historical Artist - Giorgio de Chirico (1888 - 1978)

Giorgio de Chirico was born in Greece and studied in Athens and Munich. Early in his career he collaborated with Carlo Carra in Italy, creating the concept of metaphysical painting. In 1910, Chirico began to favor lonely, deserted cityscapes with a dream-like feeling, paintings which lead to the formation of Surrealism. During the World War I period, he reverted to his metaphysical paintings, and in the 1920’s he stepped into the realm of abstraction. At the end of his career, he changed his focus to a more traditional and naturalist style. De Chirico won praise for his work almost immediately from writer Guillaume Apollinaire, who helped to introduce his work to the later Surrealists. Other artists who acknowledged De Chirico's influence include Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio Morandi, Carlo Carrà, René Magritte, and Philip Guston. De Chirico strongly influenced the Surrealist movement.

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