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Paul Delvaux - Belgian Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Paul Delvaux (1894 - 1994)

After studying architecture and painting in Belgium, Paul Delvaux established a studio in Brussels and experimented with Expressionism and Impressionism. Later, he was introduced to the Surrealist styles of de Chirico and Magritte, and began creating his own approach within the movement. His painting are often full of male and female nudes, skeletons, and ruins with a self-portrait in their midst. His incorporation of classical and modern imagery is a unique an enduring aspect of Delvaux’s work. He taught at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art at d’Architecture in Brussels from 1950 to 1962 and established a museum at Saint Idesbald in 1982. The paintings Delvaux became famous for usually feature numbers of nude women who stare as if hypnotized, gesturing mysteriously, sometimes reclining incongruously in a train station or wandering through classical buildings. Sometimes they are accompanied by skeletons, men in bowler hats, or puzzled scientists drawn from the stories of Jules Verne.

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