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Maurice Denis - French Artist From Art History

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Historical Artist - Maurice Denis (1870 - 1943)

Maurice Denis began his artistic career as a member of Symbolist and Les Nabis movements. In 1890, he published an article in support of his group titled Definition of Neo-Traditionalism, which contained some of the principles of modern art. Denis’s work was influenced by Gauguin, but differed in its religious subject matter. His most famous painting was Homage to Cezanne that depicted Denis and some of Cezanne’s other followers including Redon, Serusier, Vuillard, and Bonnard. After visiting Italy around the turn of the century, Denis’s work became more traditional and lost most of its early appeal. Denis was among the first artists to insist on the flatness of the picture plane—one of the great starting points for modernism, as practiced in the visual arts.

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