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Historical Artist - Edwin Dickinson (1891 - 1978)

Edwin Dickinson was an American painter and draughtsman who specialized in dreamlike, symbolic works. He created a series of disturbing self-portraits, some of which were of him as a corpse. His most famous works are his large paintings, the Fossil Hunter for example. Dickinson is sometimes placed in the Surrealist movement but has also been categorized as an evolution of the 19th century Romantic tradition. His art, always grounded in realism, shows connections to symbolism and surrealism. His mature paintings can be roughly divided into two categories: The first consists of portraits, still lifes and landscapes executed quickly, often at a single sitting (the artist referred to these as premiere coups); the second is compositions of symbolic and enigmatic character, often large in size and very complex, which sometimes took many years to complete. While his palette tended towards monochrome, his landscapes painted from observation are notable for their strong evocation of light, which is usually hazy but sometimes brilliant. His paintings are often allusively autobiographical in content. His drawings in graphite are notable for their sensitivity to tonal nuance.

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